2020 Resource Stewardship Liaisons

Agency Number Agency Name Resource Stewardship Liaison
80 Attorney General Elida Stults
430 Board of Pardons and Parole Bev Uipi
100 Dept of Administrative Services Melissa Brown
570 Dept of Agriculture and Food Jay Olsen
650 Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control Terry Wood
670 Dept of Commerce Jacob Hart
410 Dept of Corrections Greg Peay*
480 Dept of Environmental Quality Jared Mandenhall*
680 Dept of Financial Institutions Michael Jones
270 Dept of Health Tom Hudachko
710 Dept of Heritage & Arts Representative Needed
140 Dept of Human Resource Management Representative Needed
200 Dept of Human Services Rebecca Stay
690 Dept of Insurance Steve Gooch
560 Dept of Natural Resources Kerry Gibson
180 Dept of Public Safety Marissa Cote
110 Dept of Technology Services Nancy Nelson
450 Dept of Veterans' & Military Affairs Representative Needed
600 Dept of Workforce Services Raymond Caldwell
600 Dept of Workforce Services -
600 Dept of Workforce Services -
60 Governor's Office Chris Boone
63 Governor's Office of Economic Development Representative Needed
61 Governor's Office of Energy Annie Schneider
12 House of Representatives Not Applicable
20 Judicial Branch Chris Talbot
660 Labor Commission Phu Le
16 Legislative Auditor General Not Applicable
15 Legislative Fiscal Analyst Not Applicable
13 Legislative Printing Not Applicable
14 Legislative Research & General Counsel Not Applicable
170 Navajo Trust Administration Not Applicable
590 Public Lands Policy Coordination Office Not Applicable
550 School & Institutional Trust Lands Admin Lisa S. Jones
11 Senate Not Applicable
510 State Board of Regents Representative Needed
50 State Treasurer Allen Rollo
120 Tax Commission Tiffany Harms
810 Dept of Transportation Angelo Papastamos
190 Utah National Guard Michael Norton
400 Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind Cammy Wilcox
90 Utah State Auditor Representative Needed
400 Utah State Board of Education Cammy Wilcox