UCAIR - Utah Clean Air Partnership

UCAIR is a non-profit organization dedicated to clean air. The Department of Administrative Services and the Coordinator of Resource Stewardship are proud to be a UCAIR Partner. To learn more about UCAIR and its partners, visit ucair.org

Air Quality Forecast

Just like the weather, air quality changes throughout the day. See the air quality forecast for your neighborhood.

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What We're Doing for Clean Air

Air quality is important to the State of Utah. Find out what our state agencies are working to become a part of Utah's clean air solution.

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2018 Legislative Session

Follow what air quality topics are being discussed during this year's legislative session by clicking the button below.

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State of Utah Clean Air Resources

Here are some tools and other resources that the State of Utah has found helpful in finding best air quality practices that you can use too.

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Coordinator of Resource Stewardship - Michelle Brown

As Coordinator of Resource Stewardship it is my job, and privilege, to work alongside state agencies in order to further promote partnership and relationship both within and outside state government to develop air quality best practices for the State of Utah. Contact me with questions or ideas of how we can all be a part of Utah’s clean air solution. Give me a call at 801-538-3246 or email me at michellebrown@utah.gov