The Utah Department of Administrative Services

Our Mission

Deliver support services of the highest quality and best value to government agencies, institutions of higher education, and the public

Our Vision

Be the preferred and most trusted provider of products, services, and innovative solutions to meet customer needs

Our Values

Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Reliability, Leadership, Quality, Flexibility, Collaboration, Teamwork

Our Goals

DAS is committed to improving our operations, developing our workforce, improving customer relations, and institutionalizing security

Our Goals

DAS will adopt innovative and creative management approaches to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure the continued delivery of mission critical services. DAS will promote a culture of performance measurement to strengthen our operations, achieve results, and provide transparency and accountability. When warranted, DAS will implement transformative technologies critical to ensuring the delivery of highest quality, best value services.
DAS will foster a culture of excellence and provide the technology, training and tools to support a talented, highly motivated workforce superbly capable of facing changes in the work environment and demands for services DASprovides. A quality, performance oriented workforce is an essential component to ensuring the delivery of high quality, best value services that are essential to our customers achieving their missions for the public good.
DAS will use a variety of approaches, including the creation of a Marketing and Communications Group, and executive management meetings, to ensure that DAS provides consistent and clear communications to our customers. DAS will work collaboratively with our customers to ensure continued improvements in services.
DAS will take steps to ensure that the department can respond to a wide range of events and situations, and continue to function without interruption when the need arises.

Our Values