Rates and Fees

  • Each year, the Legislature passes its “State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations” bill. This bill lists the rates and fees the Department of Administrative Services is authorized to charge for services provided.
  • The authorized rates and fees for a specific fiscal year may be found by following the appropriate link available in this section.


Rate Committee

  • Unlike the private sector, DAS can’t change what it charges for services until the Legislature approves the changes. Approved rates and fees are available under “Rates and Fees”.

    Statute requires DAS to present proposed rates to a governor-appointed rate committee. DAS provides the committee with a comprehensive rate information packet that provides data about each of the department’s internal service funds and requests for related rate changes. The Rate Committee either approves or denies the proposed changes. Its recommendation is then sent to the Governor for his consideration.

  • The links in this section provide access to recent rate committee packets, presentation slides, and meeting agendas.

    Additional information about the rate committee and the rate process may be found in Utah Code Section 63A-1-114.



  • The Legislature provides budget information about the Department of Administrative Services and its
  • programs online as part of the Compendium of Budget Information, or COBI.