Rates and Fees

  • Each year, DAS and each of its internal service funds get their rates approved by the Utah Legislature. Any increase or decrease must first be approved before it goes into effect.
  • FY2017 rates for all state agencies are contained in House Bill 8. If you wonder what DAS charges for its services, here are excerpts from HB8 that detail the services we provide and how much we charge.


Rate Committee

  • Unlike the private sector, DAS can’t change what it charges for services until the Legislature approves the changes.

    Prior to meeting with the Legislature, DAS reports to a governor-appointed committee who then either approves or denies the proposed changes.

  • The committee is presented with a comprehensive report that outlines each of the department’s internal service fund’s statistics and requests for rate changes.

    When DAS rates rise or fall, the decision was made by analyzing these reports.


Rate Impact Statement

  • Depending on how our rates change each year, various agencies will end up paying more or less for the same services
  • Download this year’s Rate Impact Statement to see how rate changes affect your agency!


Proforma Financial Statements

  • Each year, the department’s Consolidated Budget and Accounting group puts together proforma financial statements for each of the divisions and their individual programs.
  • If you’re interested in knowing what funds pass through each of our programs, where our revenues come from, and what our overall financial position looks like, look no further.



  • Although our divisions vary in shape, size, and function, each of them is allocated a budget at the beginning of the year and are accountable for what they spend.
  • Download each division’s budget here and see how what funds pass through DAS on an annual basis.