Fleet Flexibility

Salt Lake City – The Utah Division of Fleet Operations is currently working on a more flexible fleet design that can meet the needs of State employees who are now teleworking and are no longer centralized along the Wasatch Front. The questions that Fleet is trying to answer are: Can smaller pools of vehicles strategically-placed around the State better meet agency needs? Or will the Division of Fleet Operations need to create an entirely different approach to managing the State fleet? 

The reduction in the use of fleet vehicles and the disbursement of employees around the State due to teleworking presents some challenges as well as some opportunities for the Division of Fleet Operations. Additionally, Fleet is working to create a realistic plan to respond to new market offerings and potential solutions to help clean Utah’s air through the best available vehicle technologies, including electric vehicles, plug-in electric hybrids, vehicles with Tier 3 engines, and vehicle telematics. The Division of Fleet Operations is working to create a plan to move the state forward in a well-informed, environmentally-friendly, and fiscally-responsible way.