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Publications, Reports, and Rates

Publications, Reports, and Rates 

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News and Press Releases

The following news and press releases are from the DAS Executive Director's Office:

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Marilee Richins
Public Information Officer

Publications and Reports

The Department of Administrative Services 2012 Annual Report highlights the products, services, and accomplishments of the department during 2012. This pocket-size report, with contact information for key DAS personnel, is a handy reference for anyone who relies on the services the department provides.

Also available:

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report

The 2011-2016 DAS Strategic Plan outlines the department's mission, vision, and goals. The online version of the Strategic Plan can be found here. A downloadable PDF can be found here.

House Bill 80, Reorganization of Administrative Support Functions in State Agencies (Harper) from the 2012 Legislative General Session requires the DAS to study administrative functions in state agencies. The report, presented to the Legislature, can be found here.

The following are a sample of the total publications and reports produced by each division within DAS:

State Archives

Facilities and Construction Management



Purchasing and General Services



DAS Rates, Fees, Premiums and Impacts

2014 Spreadsheets

DAS Rates, Fees, and Premiums (PDF)

2013 Spreadsheets

DAS Rate Impacts 2013(PDF)(excel version) - updated 9 am on September 1, 2011

DAS Rates, Fees and Premiums (PDF)

 DAS Fee Hearing held on August 25 and September 1, 2011 in the Capital Building rm #250

 Aug. 25 at 8:00 am (minutes)

 Sept. 1 at 1:00 pm (minutes)

 Nov 21 at 11:00am

DAS Proforma Statements (PDF)

2012 Spreadsheets

DAS Rate Impacts 2012 (excel)DAS Rate Impacts 2012(PDF)

DAS Rates, Fees and Premiums

Appropriated fees only (pdf)

DAS Fee Hearing was held on September 8, 2010 at 10:00am in the Capital Building rm #250

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